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Translation Batten, 1989, Joe D., Tough Minded Leadership, New York: American Management Association, pp. 122-132


How can we sustain our aspirations and at the
The same build strength and spirit to face the
The fact that no easy victory?
One way is a strong recognition that
fight for a better world is something that long.
John Gardner

From right and left we heard the cries of gloom and doom about the future of American corporations. The art of quick fixes and solutions abound one minute. Experiments to understand and emulate the genius of Japanese
productive breeding like rabbits. Theory X, Y and Z, and so on lainmengalir. Often the picture shows many famous companies sebagairaksasa-giant blocker. The biggest is the leader with vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, energy and insight in the possibilities yangmenggairahkan and revolutionary possibilities in the future. One of the greatest kebutuhanyag for leaders today is the need to anticipate

changes and prepare for the future.
Management leaders of future generations not by someone who has a master’s degree or a graduate of one or two scholarship. They’re not financial experts, great sales, or expert analysis. These are people who can influence others, who can work with many individuals who have a variety of nature and experience and be able to make a group united by a common goal.


The quality of our minds only as good as the quality or integrity of the beliefs and our values. Of course we have perfected the total value is the number of values ​​that we hear.

Do we put ethics and prestige so often, like a never-ending push for greater pleasure, more leisure time and more money? Is the business community to help the integrity of the country or turn into apathy? Without positive cues and governors who fell because of personal integrity, Could we find ourselves in self greed center environment? Have we lowered down by the nature of greed in a big scandal (for example, Wall Street insider trading crimes in 1987)?
Is there in kenyataaannya integrity in business transactions that are not accompanied or followed by a very good service? Greed and goodness of simple services are not related. Strong leader to take steps to assure that the organization guided by ethical criteria as clean crystals in all areas and levels. Here is advice – advice I (author):

1. I’ll live with that for continuity reasons my business and become a good executive, I have to make the highest quality products possible at minimal costs, competitive market it, and the optimum gain legitimate.
2. I will admit that the greatest resource in my business is a member of the team and my friends.
3. I will refuse to take advantage of a situation that could harm the reputation of my company.
4. I will refuse to take advantage of a business opportunity if it would violate the moral, cultural and legal regulations which I believe to be the basis of social life.
5. I will always look for the answers are positive, constructive, and built to overcome the problems of my team members. I will show confidence during a crisis.
6. I will strive to develop honesty to uphold the law; my goal is more important than rules.
7. I will practice-limitations rule-building candor, understanding and help to fully to all who ask.
8. I will discuss the issues honestly and calculations, resolve and overcome them to become the best knowledge and abilities. I will ask and listen.
9. I would manunjukkan that competition and cooperation to build our country and I must help to always exist until the foreseeable future.
10. I would believe that the 10 rule of law would be legal guidance and inspiration.

A strong leader is seen in all perspectives. They know that the main price should be how to get paid. They know that the falsity of his life building someone ends up in the rotation system of values ​​that brave, cautious, sharing, he will easily toward falsehood and lose existence.
In fact men or women who want to lead with principle-assisted pronsip below:

  • Many serve
  • Many understand
  • A lot of courage
  • Many share
  • Many of the insights
  • Many hope
  • Many give
  • Many live
  • Lots of love
  • Many grow
  • Many strengthen and renew
  • Many try
  • Look for opportunities and the chance
  • Having feelings of pleasure
  • Having a program of physical, mental, psychic specific
  • Noting the assessment of others as the basis of their weakness – to evaluate the strengths and opportunities in addition to their potential.

Truth and ethics can be a force when they try to centralize and effectively. Many thoughts of happiness for the leader:
• Think what one can do, and should be done, better than the ugliness that can be done or may do
• Rarely or no planning can be screwed
• Steer clear of temptation carefully to build up quickly. Creating candor and openness are appreciated.
• Declare that you have confidence and be ready at all times to meet the boss.
• Given that the real warmth and flexibility that can not be demonstrated as long as you can not control myself
• Giving freedom. Learn to respect rights.
• Do not be blind to others but must know who has helped you.
• Trying to build self-image with positive action. If you have been trying to impress people by lowering the value, wait!
• Have a willingness to change can be altered, calm face that can not be, and the patience to know the difference
• Being empathize with others.

How leaders can achieve integrity? Finding effectiveness, self-discipline, and you would like to find someone who:
• Finding a commitment and give loyalty
• timetable
• Healthy physical, mental and spiritual
• Understand and feel good himself
• Individuals who are strong (with strong integrity)
• Working with the results, not activity
• Keeping the truth with careful
• Improve self weaknesses and optimize strengths

Knowing creativity is either not possible without the hard work and sustained effort
• Improve health and stamina
• Able to identify and overcome the things trivial
• Have a happy personal relationships
• Always empathize
• Avoiding political influence
• Cultivate friendships, give examples and build working relationships communicative
• Do not loosen the tolerance with the other
• Discuss difficulties with immediate
• Find the center of the problem and solve it
• Not toleransian with loss of integrity

Integrity is not only beautiful words. That’s important, outcome and substance of all that useful.


Leaders today and the future must be someone great. It does not mean physically strenuous. I mean leadership that has the purpose, vision, dream, a broad commitment and dedication. “What do my job” sixteen CEOs talk about their careers and commitment, Thomas R. With Richard A. Horton Zimmerman, chairman and CEO Harshey Foods:

Among the CEOs who I tahuKebanyakan successful people have a very positive outlook. Every CEO has become a cheerleader. At that time you will feel that you can show a series of unfortunate scenario for your company, and immediately you are in the greatest position to do that; you still be a cheerleader on the part of your time … …. Yes, we know it will be considered, but quickly get it! You always need the attention of someone who has many attributes that I
see in most CEO

And others


Important sealu have a vision that will be addressed and the best CEO always had a vision.

Marisa Bellisario, CEO of the United Telecommunications Italiana, believe

Always many roads I take … … … …. Every sayamelakukan job, I never thought I could not do that?

Strong leader to feel, show and express confidence! They are happy to share power, authority and trust.
Portia Isaacson, Intellisis CEO, said:

I am sure that for many people my actions on permulaaan intellisys is weird … .. I seem to completely fail, but I guess I do not care. I do not think any of that. Ttidak result to me that we could fail.

Strong executive should require deep understanding of “positive thinking”. This means more than just strings of words understood. Pemimpin2 should consider the specific implications of this and future leaders must possess. Robert H. Waterman, Jr., said:

An attitude called FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt is the opposite of strong optimism that is continuously updated.

Waterman also said:

No dismissal of IBM, kebija
his labor, as the company itself, is a strong optimism in action. This is based on respect

Personally, a doctrine that inherent preformance corporate culture and focus on all management decision makers.

Like a giant, a very important change from the G-force which had then become the future of G-force that unfolds. The biggest prize will always make you a leader. All growth is growth itself. All teams in a positive G leads the management itself. You can say out loud, they want to hear what you say!
Warren Bennis believes that:

The first, a true leader leads with full integrity, where careers and their personal lives are always good and harmonious.
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