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November 30, 2011 / fandypw


Chris John succeeded to win the absolute number of Stanyslav Merdov.

Holders WBA Super Featherweight Champion Chris John, managed to retain his title. Chris John succeeded in winning over his opponent Stanyslav absolute numbers Merdov (Ukraine) in MT Claremont Challenge Stadium, Perth, Western Australia, today.

The three judges of Francisco Martinez (New Zealand), Takeo Harada (Japan), and Prommase Chakshuksha (Thailand) gave the victory to Chris John, with the numbers 116-111, 116-11, and 115-112.

With this victory was Chris John defending his title 15 times. The first time Chris John won this title from Panamanian boxer, Oscar Leon in Bali, October 2003 through an ad-interim fight.

This victory enlarge Chris John fight record to 46 wins (22 KOs) and two draws. In contrast to Merdov match record to 32 wins (24 knockouts) and lost eight times (one KO).

In the first round, Chris John, who stood at the corner of the blue looks difficult to get into the ideal distance to hit it because it looks Merdov also keep their distance, but twice punch that launched Chris John succeeded on the face of his opponent.
Conversely Merdov also seen several times to launch a punch to the face of a boxer with the nickname of The Dragon.

In the second round, blow hard right hand to make Merdov Chris John was staggered and the referee had counted to Pinit Pradyadsab Merdov but managed to continue the fight back.
While since the third round until the 11th, Chris John kept trying to get merangsak Merdov striking distance of the ideal given the high side of the body and reach still less than Merdov blows and some times also managed to blow both scored right or left hand toward the face Merdov.

Lost as a result of posture and range of this shot, Chris John is seen frequently launched opponent punches to the stomach and so get a chance to hit the face, directly utilized by Chris as well as possible.

But in the seventh round a right punch to make the right temple Merdov Chris John to bleed but at the end of the round is being treated Chris John coaches and officials.

After that it always had the right temple Merdov Chris John, and had also issued the blood but does not prevent a husband from Anna Maria Megawati was to keep pressing Merdov.

In the last round or 12, trying to suppress Merdov Chris John with his right hand and left hand blows while Chris John is survived by more than double cover his hands and occasionally launched attacks on the opponent’s face.

The fight against Chris John Stanyslav Merdov is an additional party, while the main party is Danny Green (Australia) against Krzystof Wlodarczyk (Poland) at cruiserweight.


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