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December 2, 2011 / fandypw

Hair style trends in 2012.

YEAR immediately changed, the trend was ready to present the appearance of a new style. One of them, the trend of the arrangement and coloring hair, which was launched by Irwan Rovani Doke.

Welcoming 2012, Doke of Irwan Irwan Rovani Team Hairdesign hair trends show that given the theme “Divine Gothia”. Arrangement and coloring hair style takes inspiration from the view of children in the 2011 Gothia Cup held in Sweden.

A total of 80 children from various countries gathered in the opening festival of U-12 football with his style of each, creating a wonderful blend. Display them like a beautiful fairy and move freely.
“To look younger than any woman can be obtained from the form of cutouts that are tailored to the shape of the face, cutting short the type layer in the back and the face is longer frame can be used as a solution to natural face lifting effect”.


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