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December 7, 2011 / fandypw

Brigadier Norman Fired In Disgracefully.

Brigadier Norman Fired In Disgracefully.
“Maybe he wants to choose the more their income, rather than being a cop.”

Brigadier Norman Kamaru, whose popularity suddenly skyrocketed because of lipsync video Indian song “-Chaya Chaya”, on this day, Tuesday, December 6, 2011, dishonorably discharged from the National Police.

Head of Police Public Relations Gorontalo AKBP Limas Dunggio stated Norman is no longer a member of the police and Gorontalo Provincial Police Mobile Brigade. “Because the violation of article 14 paragraph 1a Regulation No.1 of 2003, did not come to work for 30 consecutive days, or desertion,” Limas said.
Assembly code of ethics that begins this afternoon at 11.00 AM and finished at 13.30, not attended by Norman.
According to Limas, Norman now had forgotten himself. He made ​​light of the police institution. “He knows if today’s hearing will be held code of ethics for themselves, but are present even both parents,” he said.

Norman, still says Limas, looks more to be known as an artist rather than a member of the Police. Perhaps it was because he wanted to choose a profession that gives a better income than a cop, whose salary is considered insufficient. “Norman chose his own choice. He is not only 30 days off work, even 80 days,” said Limas.


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