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December 24, 2011 / fandypw

Meaning of Christmas

When we were little, “what is the meaning of Christmas for you?” Most of us often answer, “Christmas joy”, “gift”, “many gifts”, and many more, just about a good – good deh. ya know, at that time we were little and do not know much about the deepening of God’s Word. But unfortunately, it was thought – thought it shallow if not immediately addressed, if we do not have a true understanding of God’s Word, it will be embedded in our minds and can grow in the wrong direction so we have a wrong view about Christmas, such as “Christmas full of blessings, miracles, miracles, etc “. Indeed it – it also has the Lord provided and bestowed to us, but not in the Christmas. Remember, Christmas is not as simple and sedangkal thinking – thinking that. Let us see the truth behind Christmas.

Christmas has been designed from the LORD God before all things. Only he himself knows. At the beginning of creation He sees all created good. Then when man was created, God was very good view of creation – was his creation. Why for the rest of creation God said that everything is fine, whereas after humans were created, God said that everything was very good? Remember, that we created in the image a way with the Lord God (Genesis 1: 26-27). The point here is that humans have a nature – nature as God. But humans are the most precious of God’s creation has been corrupted by sin and human-induced fall of their own. The snake was only teasing, but the decision falls / not in sin is a human decision. This is what causes real wrath of God upon man. In the main promise that the LORD himself in Genesis 3: 15 which reads: “I will hold enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and offspring; seed shall bruise your head, and thou shall bruise his heel.” The definition above is the Christ (remember that Jesus was bruised his head, when the crown of thorns on his head attached, and when crucified, the soldiers crush his heel so that Jesus’ death process faster).

Yes! Man has sinned, sin status already exists within every human being in all ages, including us. Status of this sin makes us separate from God. What is the evidence that from birth we already holds the status of sin? Without being taught, we would by itself be able to lie, by itself we are being selfish with our friends, etc.. Then what would people who holds the status of sin? Sin makes us separate from God and consciously or not, humans are already at the verdict to enter into eternal death, ie hell. Yes! We should all without exception will go to hell. This is the wrath of God to man. Sedahsyat any natural disaster that occurred in the same time there is nothing – ass than God’s wrath against human sin. Knowing this, people try to reach God, reach heaven by doing good, regular worship, give offerings, even service in the church. But this was not pleasing to God. Why? Because the status of sin still exists in that person. God knows that sin is a serious problem. God knows that humans are not able to save himself from eternal death. Therefore, God came into the world through Jesus Christ to save us from eternal death. God’s plan is not known by anyone, including angels and demons. Through Jesus Christ, the debt of sin that can not afford paid by this man paid for by him. He bore the sins of all people of all ages through the work of the cross. He died once for our sins. If sin is not something serious and easily resolved, why God should come into the world?? Sin is very serious and result in death, so God came to earth to redeem us sinners! Therefore, our response to receiving eternal life / salvation that is willing to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. God means that He is Lord which govern all our lives, and the Savior meant only Jesus can save us, take us from eternal death (hell) to eternal life (John 5: 24). And when we accept Him as Lord and Savior, the status of “sinners” were Jesus’ replace with “son of God”. And status is what allows us to have eternal life. Well after that, the service (with the right motivation), worship, good works, good things would be pleasing to God.
Almighty God has been willing to limit the power of himself in the person of a baby. God did not use His power, His omnipotence. He is the Almighty becomes a child who needed help to learn to walk, eat, etc.. Really this is beyond human reasoning. But by faith we believe that this is the truth that exists. Jesus is 100% God and 100% human. He is 100% God, because He is sinless and only He is able to save mankind. He is 100% human, because he can feel the hunger, fear (as in the garden of Gethsemane), can be tempted (but managed to -> Matthew 4: 1-11). Remember, sin is abhorrent to God, but because of His love to us (John 3: 16) He is Holy willing to come into the dirty world is only for our sake.
This is the true meaning of Christmas. We should focus on God and eternal life later. But unfortunately, many people are actually more important than the life of this temporary world of eternal life. Then how should we respond to Jesus? Let us accept Him as Lord and Savior. But remember, it does not mean that we become children of God, our lives are so versatile delicious, everything is easy. Jesus warned that if we want to follow Him, we must be willing to take up our cross and deny themselves, the intention is willing to suffer for Christ’s sake (remember, this vile world never accepted his presence, so that people – the followers of Christ, many were tortured, persecuted , etc.). Temptation can come at any time. But the difference, we who are sons of God can get through it together with Jesus. What’s in it for someone to gain the whole world (pleasure, position, wealth, etc.) but lost his life (it has no assurance of salvation, and after death into the hell).

We receive salvation in Jesus is a gift. It was not because of our good, not because the results of our work (Ephesians 2: 8-9). Grace: provided free – free, because we can not afford it. People – people who have received salvation through Jesus called the new creation / new born. And do not stop until the trust, people – believers must grow in Jesus. Characteristics – those characteristics that have been born among others: there is a change towards a better life (life-long process), there is a longing to know Christ, leaving the old life (eg, cheating, stealing, etc.), there is a longing to share this message of
salvation to others, and have confidence when he dies will go to heaven. Have we run into these things? Let this Christmas bring major changes in our lives. Soli DEO GLORIA!
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