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January 10, 2012 / fandypw

Photo documentation of weddings


Have you ever shown wedding photos of their parents or even your grandparents? Feeling of what’s in your heart when she saw the wedding photos? How did the wedding photos if you can see already decayed and broken. Of course the disappointment occurred. Like others, if you look at old school sebuat wedding photos are beautiful and durable. It must have been smile will adorn the lips when we observe the pages of memories in the photo album.

An interesting thing when we look past that contained a recording through a photograph. At least if we see a wedding picture of the past, is imagined in our minds is the uniqueness of the marriage penyelengaaraan. There was no denying that times will always change. In the tradition of marriage even though there are things that remain (if the Javanese term “grip”), there are also things that change with the times. For example when we look at decorating wedding day our parents first. First, it is possible decorations such as wedding decorations that are very plush and elegant. But whether it is still valid today? Of course not. Even if we are desperate to wear a wedding reception decorations like our parents, we certainly would be labeled squirt or less promiscuity.

This is where the real significance of a wedding documentation. Wedding photos as a medium of documentation would be able to give a story about the wedding procession and atmosphere that occurs at the time. Marriage is an event that hopes we only do once in a lifetime and will not be repeated. And recording it will be remembered and become lifelong story material for our grandchildren. Because of this you also need to take seriously the selection of vendors wedding photos so the results did not disappoint in the future.


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