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January 11, 2012 / fandypw

How to manage your finances well.

A question how to Manage Family Finances is good and right is very exciting to be discussed, let me love you now parable if you have some money Rp. 650 Million, what would you do to achieve a prosperous life.?

Maybe of you would answer like this,

  • To buy a house 250 million
  • For $ 150 Million to Buy Vehicles
  • Buying land for Rp. 100 Million.
  • To buy Jewellery Rp. 50 Million
  • For savings in the bank Rp. 100 Million.

Is it true that the above parable Manage Family Finances How good? well let’s see after one or two months from now what will happen with your finances?

Is there any guarantee that you will be during his life healthy …? How can the risk of bad things happen when you for example: accident, critical illness, until the doctor says Need 350 million fund, what would you do?, Maybe you will take your savings amounting to Rp 100 million, selling jewelry worth Rp. 50 Million, Sell your car worth Rp. 150 million, and sell your property land worth Rp. 100 Million, now you only have a vehicle valued at Rp. 250 million. this is the key to success to organize your finances, caba’s see, I wish not too late … and saving it in for two, Rp. 80 Million.  savings to the bank and Rp. 20 Million in Insurance saved on whether that will happen, your health will be guaranteed by insurance, what is in the can of money amounting to Rp. 20 Million is in the tube in Insurance,Hospital Cost = Rp.1 000000-2 000 000 / day, Cost of Operation = 40.000.000/year, Cost = Rp.400.000.000 Critical Illness, Disability Total Cost = Rp.400.000.000, dies at = 400,000. 000 – Rp.800.000.000 from the illustration above you does not have to sell assets / property, and you will live comfortably with your family…….


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